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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

UFO's - What do you think they are?

I saw another one a couple of nights ago.


Yessir! It brings my total to about 6.

No, I'm not a screwball, not a nutcase. I think I would have at least above average intelligence - well, some days anyway. Problem is I have seen some UFOs. Can't deny it.

This one had lights around it's circular edge. No, it wasn't a weather balloon, or Venus or Mars. It was stationary in the sky, quite high up, and it sped off not long after my brain had registered what the heck I was looking at. And I mean SPED OFF, like one millisecond of a flash and gone completely.

What do I think they are? I don't believe they are any one particular thing. Here's my short list of possibles:

- Curious people from other planets.
- Time travellers from our past or future.
- Projections into our dimension from other dimensions.
- Our nursemaids who made us in the long distant past who continue to observe our development.
- Secret developmental aircraft from this planet that we are never told about.
I believe they could be any one of these or maybe a combination.

Please leave a comment if you can add to this list of possibles. Also happy to accept comments from any aliens living amongst us - I would like to hear from you!

If you are one of the dinosaurs who doesn't believe in UFOs or alien life forms - you obviously need more information.

Let me bring you up to speed. Our galaxy has approximately 100 billion suns. In our known universe there are approximately 100 billion GALAXIES. Law of probabilities will tell you that that is a large enough number to have us (or something vaguely similar) duplicated some where else. It's just a numbers game. And the numbers are large enough.

And that is only in our dimension. And only in forms that we can see. Perhaps there are many more universes out beyond this one. Maybe there are universes co-existing in the same space as ours but vibrating at a different rate - so to us - invisible.
Interested? You should be! It's your universe (home).
Have a look at this YouTube - It explains the many dimension thing a lot better:

Remember Edgar Mitchell, from the Apollo 14 Moon mission? Here's what he has to say about alien visitations:

Former astronaut: Man not alone in the universe.

Don't forget - would love your opinions.

Always keep your mind open - it's easier for the answers to get in.
P.S. I'll tell you what I do know - that is this - there's a hell of a lot we don't know.