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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Steps to Forgiveness

"To err is human; to forgive, divine" - Alexander Pope

Many people live lives of resentment and anger due to an inability to engage in acts of forgiveness. Possibly the greatest hurdle to attaining true desires and happiness people face is the inability to forgive other people, themselves and past events.

To get; first you must learn to give.

So, to be forgiven; first you must learn the art of forgiveness.

For to forgive truly is divine.

Below are some suggestions or steps that may help.

 -  Learn to see the ability to forgive as an act of strength; not as an act of weakness or uncertainty. Strong people forgive. It turns you into the stronger man or woman - in body, mind and spirit. Lack of forgiveness (or, harboring deep long term resentments) has been linked to many emotional and physical problems. By forgiving you will be activating a state of wellness within yourself.

 -  The past is the past and cannot be undone. The Universe is only interested in the now. Forgive the past and all it's events and feel the burden fall away. The relief will be immediate. Focus instead on your point of power - the amazing moment of now. By dropping the negative burden of the past you will be freed to focus on more positive thoughts thereby activating the Law of Attraction in your favor from this moment forward.

 -  Stop all judgmental attitudes. As soon as you find yourself beginning to pass judgments say to yourself "STOP". Then start seeing the positive in those same people, places or events. This will start the process of purging all negativity from your life. There is always a positive in there somewhere - it WILL be there - so go look for it, make the effort, and that is where your focus needs to be.

 -  All clouds have a silver lining. No matter how bad a past event seems to you now, and therefore no matter how hard it may be to forgive, you will have learned something of positive value from that person, place or event. Focus on the positive lesson learned and give thanks to the Universe for that. Always remember - there are no accidents, there are no coincidences, and the Universe does not make mistakes.

 -  By employing the act of forgiveness you are letting go of all resentments, grudges and anger and therefore purging yourself of a host of negative emotions that are holding you back from the enjoyable and constructive life that most desire. Doing so gives you the mental space and opportunity to refill the mind with positive thoughts. This can be achieved through the use of positive affirmations, positive self-talk and performing positive actions (doing nice things for other people). Activating the positive in your life automatically activates the Law of Attraction to bring you more of the good stuff.

 -  Lastly, but, most important of all, learn to love, find love, give love, and go where love is. Love is the energy of the Universe. It is the primal force of All That Is. By associating with the Love Force you will find your life guided by it. You will bring yourself into harmonization with the Universe and all Universe activities. You will stop swimming against the current at long last.

All negative forces, including lack of forgiveness, fade away in the face of the power of love. Love is the primary activating force of the Law of Attraction. Find it - use it. When you find it, which, if you search, you will, spare a thought that it was you who attracted it. Then spare a moment to thank the Universe for it.

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