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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Hidden Mysteries: How To Live Edition II

Book Review - Press Release

Visitors from the Stars Impart the Key to World Peace in New Novel.

In Authors Glenys Rochford and James Hearn's book, extraterrestrials explain "The Hidden Mysteries" to mankind and usher a new age of prosperity throughout Earth.

The quest for peace throughout the world has long frustrated great leaders and common people alike, throughout the ages, no solution has been provided to answer the question of war and violence. If man cannot solve this riddle, perhaps the answers can come from beyond the heavens, from extraterrestrial beings. This is the solution co-authors Glenys Rochford and James Hearn offer in "The Hidden Mysteries: How To Live Edition II".

An Australian named James Toban stumbles upon a UFO in Queensland, Australia while out walking his dog. From the spaceship emerge four aliens, Rhor Lenzy, Rosemel Lovest, Rolly Petest, and Camdem Zolone. Together, they have brought the Universal Peace Plan (UPP), which they have previously used to unite their planet as well as other planets in the Universe, and intend to bestow it upon humanity to finally bring lasting peace on Earth. They present the UPP to Geneva, Switzerland and New York, presenting it to the global community, who see the light of the Peace Plan and adopt it universally, bringing about a second Renaissance throughout the world.

"This is the book most of the world has been waiting for. After over 60 years of intensive study and research, it is the answer to lasting peace, the conquering of evil on our planet and much, much more. It is the answer to life," the authors declare. Within the tale of alien visitors bestowing peace on Earth are invaluable lessons for remedying the myriad problems plaguing human society today. Crime, violence, terrorism, war, anti-social behaviors such as bullying, solutions to all these problems are presented, along with the ways one can use to live a better life. The secrets of life, what living is all about, lie within the pages of Rochford's and Hearn's empowering opus. Through the lessons they impart, readers will finally know how to conquer evil and attain total freedom.

Mankind can achieve true greatness, and The Hidden Mysteries is the light that will show the way. Rochford and Hearn's work contains the key to unlock humanity's capacity for good, in its pages lies the hope to peace.

There is no doubt - this book should be used as a learning tool in all schools worldwide. It is our duty to pay this knowledge forward to the future generations to follow us.

To secure your copy of The Hidden Mysteries: How To Live Edition II in e-book format simply click the link below:

The Hidden Mysteries: How To Live Edition II