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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Indicators of high or low self-esteem

High self-esteem

If you have a high or healthy level of self-esteem you will exhibit certain personality traits. Some of these are:
  • You have confidence in your abilities and you feel secure about who you are
  • You give yourself permission to show your true feelings to others
  • Your relationships are devoid of intimacy problems
  • You take pride in yourself and positively recognise your achievements in life
  • You find it very easy to forgive both yourself and others for mistakes made.
  • You greet each day with optimism
  • You easily, often and fondly remember the good times in your past 
Low self-esteem

As with the recognisable traits of high or healthy self-esteem, if you struggle with problems of self-worth or low self-esteem you may be noticing some of the following traits in yourself:
  • You always try to conceal your true feelings
  • You lack the ability to forgive both yourself and others, often holding grudges
  • It is difficult for you to show and/or accept intimacy in your relationships
  • You often feel insecure and lack belief in yourself and your abilities
  • You always forget to pat yourself on the back for jobs well done
  • At every opportunity you resist change
  • You greet each day with a feeling of dread
  • You constantly find yourself reminiscing about all the awful and regretful things that have happened to you in the past - even stuff from long ago.
Recognising traits in your level of self-esteem that need work to improve your lifestyle is taking the first step to positive self-improvement.

Next post we will look at some tips to developing higher levels of self-esteem.