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Monday, August 24, 2009

Deep trance channelling Part 4

This will be the final part in this series. Do I believe Deep Trance Channelling is authentic? Yes I do. I have a couple of reasons.

First -

It would be a sad life, I think, to go through with the belief that all you have done, all you have experienced and learnt will just go phhssssst and disappear like a snuffed out candle as you close your eyes for the last time. How sad. How pointless. Don't misunderstand me. I don't in any way support the dogma and belief systems of ANY of the mainstream religions and I wholeheartedly urge you to also disassociate yourself from them as well.

Why? Well, you just don't need them! This is getting a bit off the track here, but, can I suggest a good read of history, or a newspaper to put you off of organised religion. Religion is for people who can't be bothered thinking for themselves. They need someone to give them a set of rules and dogma to live by (whether it's right or wrong, outdated, impossible, provable or not [faith?]). I personally don't need that at all - and neither do you!

I live by a "reverence for all that is". A respect if you like. I tread litely and give thanks. And, in so doing, "all that is" returns the favor. I look upon everything (all that is) as my friend. I try to live my life in the vibration of love, harmony and gratitude. That's it! How wonderfully simple - and effective!

Everything is made of energy - everything. So if you are looking for "God" you really don't have to look very far. We are an integral part of that energy grid. I'll put it to you that, by your thoughts, you have quite a bit of control of that energy (all that is). The thing that is your thoughts, memories, personality, etc. is energy, and as such, eternal, as is all energy.


This "energy" thingy is really vibration. Vibrations come in infinite levels (dimensions). By methods of altering our thought vibrations (meditation or being in a trance), consider the possibility of bringing our minds into vibrational harmony with other energies or minds currently in other vibratory dimensions. Contact.

Yes, so I can believe that Deep Trance Channelling is authentic. Notice that I didn't say that ALL deep trance channels are authentic, because, as in life in general, there will be plenty of charlatans around. So be careful. When observing this phenomena - use your critical thinking!

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'Till next time,

Live life!