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Monday, August 5, 2013

Reiki Distance Healing

Reiki Distance Healing can be sent to you, your friends, loved ones, to your pet, to a problem or challenge in your life in the present, past or the future. Reiki Life-Force Energy knows no boundaries and can therefore be sent to anyone, anything, anywhere and anytime.

It can be sent to Countries, war zones or even the entire World to help heal. It can also be sent as a gift to a friend or loved one.

My Reiki Distance Healing sessions are held everyday throughout the year.

I do not need to know or have ever met you personally in order to channel the Reiki Energy to you. I do, however, need to know certain basic information about the person, animal or event that I am to direct the Reiki Energy to. That is all that is required. Reiki Energy has intelligence and will find it's destination and purpose for the highest and greatest good of the recipient in Divine Right Order, under Grace, in God's Perfect Way.

Reiki Distance Healing is just as effective as a hands-on treatment often with amazing results.

The cost for a Reiki Distance Healing varies from as low as $5.00 for only 3 days up to $100.00 for a full 365 days! (excellent for stressed-out students). I will fully include you in my Healing Session every single day for your chosen length of time.

After payment you must send an email to me at:

Please title the email - "Distance Healing Request". In the body of the email please include the following information:

- Your name
- Recipients name or event's description
- Location of the recipient or event
- The date - in the now, or a past or future date.
- Any special requests or concerns that you feel I should know.
- The Paypal payment ID

I will send you a reply acknowledging both the receipt of you information and the payment.

All payments are accepted securely via Paypal. Paypal accepts credit cards directly so no Paypal account is required. Just click the button below:

Reiki Duration

Please note that with Reiki Distance Healing you are able to receive the benefits without stopping what you are doing or having to go anywhere. You can be driving or even asleep. You neither have to believe in Reiki or understand how it works to benefit.

However the receiver does have to want to be helped. As strange as it seems, some people don’t actually want to be helped or healed! Some people are happy being unhappy. If that is the case then sadly the Reiki won't help - they will subconsciously block it and push it away.

Please do not use Reiki as a substitute for traditional medical care - if you are ill - see your Medical Practitioner first (I do - and I'm the Reiki Master!). Use Reiki as a Complimentary Health Care Modality.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

What Happens in a Reiki Treatment Session?

Many people are hesitant about booking themselves in for their first ever Reiki Treatment Session. It's the first time, it's different, it's an alternative and complimentary therapy - it's the unknown. So . . . . . what happens?

To follow is an exact case study of a recent session I conducted - only the recipient's name has been changed - I'll call her Jane. Let's begin:

"Jane has completed and signed my New Client Intake Form, Explanation and Consent Form, and has read through the "Reiki - What's It All About" information sheet.

Jane is a happily married business-woman who has a small but growing bookkeeping business which she runs from home. She has 3 grown-up children and 2 grandchildren. She has a close and loving family.

Jane has indicated that she has been feeling run down and tired due to various business pressures that have built up over recent weeks of intense effort. She has seen her GP for a thorough check-up and has received an "all clear". Jane is starting work with a new business client in the coming week and so wishes to attend feeling more upbeat, energized and positive so as to be sure of giving a more favourable impression to her new client when they start work together.

I decided to first do an aura clearing to clear any negative energies from her energy field that may be slowing or blocking the flow of energy and so leading to her feeling of tiredness. This will be followed by a general all-over Reiki Session to uplift, re-power and re-balance her entire energy system. This would raise her level of well-being and confidence for the coming week's events especially as the Reiki Energy continues to flow for her over the next couple of days.

I had Jane stand in front of an off-white screen with the lighting subdued so that I could examine her aura. The aura was lovely, bright and clear being mostly a very pleasant yellow especially around the head and shoulder area. It was tinged with flashes of blue towards the outside - about 30cm from the body. I studied her entire body both frontally and side-on but was unable to see any dirty coloured areas in the aura or anything that was telling me "not good".

Before continuing I washed my hands in cold water to rid them of any residual negative energetic debris. I then had Jane lie on her back on the Reiki table and I performed an aura clearing using both hands alternately, sweeping any possible negative elements that may be present well away from both of us and shaking them loose at the end of each sweep. I performed about 10 such sweeps making sure to cover all areas, and, after asking her to roll over, repeated the same to her back.

After getting Jane to once more roll onto her back I began the Reiki session. I used my 100 count method of timing my hand placements. The hand placements used were: eyes, temples, top of head, throat, chest, solar plexus, abdomen, and groin. She then rolled onto her front and the hand placements I used on her back were: back of head, back of neck, top of shoulders, shoulder blades, middle back, lower back, tail bone, kidneys and side of hips. I then washed my hands under cold running water and watched all of her problems wash away and disappear never to be seen again.

This finished the session.

After Jane sat up and had a glass of water I enquired as to how she was feeling. She said she felt very, very relaxed and "great" and definitely had a more positive feeling or outlook for the coming week ahead than she had on arrival. She was now smiling and appeared much more calm and relaxed. I suggested we reschedule for a "booster" session a week from today. With the positive results gained from today's session, she was more than happy to do so."

I hope that helps to banish any fears you may have. Please note this case study was published with the full consent of "Jane" who was herself a first-timer. Also please note that for sensitive areas such as the throat and groin the "safe touch" method of hand placement is used - the hands of the practitioner hover about 6 cm above the area in question.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Steps to Forgiveness

"To err is human; to forgive, divine" - Alexander Pope

Many people live lives of resentment and anger due to an inability to engage in acts of forgiveness. Possibly the greatest hurdle to attaining true desires and happiness people face is the inability to forgive other people, themselves and past events.

To get; first you must learn to give.

So, to be forgiven; first you must learn the art of forgiveness.

For to forgive truly is divine.

Below are some suggestions or steps that may help.

 -  Learn to see the ability to forgive as an act of strength; not as an act of weakness or uncertainty. Strong people forgive. It turns you into the stronger man or woman - in body, mind and spirit. Lack of forgiveness (or, harboring deep long term resentments) has been linked to many emotional and physical problems. By forgiving you will be activating a state of wellness within yourself.

 -  The past is the past and cannot be undone. The Universe is only interested in the now. Forgive the past and all it's events and feel the burden fall away. The relief will be immediate. Focus instead on your point of power - the amazing moment of now. By dropping the negative burden of the past you will be freed to focus on more positive thoughts thereby activating the Law of Attraction in your favor from this moment forward.

 -  Stop all judgmental attitudes. As soon as you find yourself beginning to pass judgments say to yourself "STOP". Then start seeing the positive in those same people, places or events. This will start the process of purging all negativity from your life. There is always a positive in there somewhere - it WILL be there - so go look for it, make the effort, and that is where your focus needs to be.

 -  All clouds have a silver lining. No matter how bad a past event seems to you now, and therefore no matter how hard it may be to forgive, you will have learned something of positive value from that person, place or event. Focus on the positive lesson learned and give thanks to the Universe for that. Always remember - there are no accidents, there are no coincidences, and the Universe does not make mistakes.

 -  By employing the act of forgiveness you are letting go of all resentments, grudges and anger and therefore purging yourself of a host of negative emotions that are holding you back from the enjoyable and constructive life that most desire. Doing so gives you the mental space and opportunity to refill the mind with positive thoughts. This can be achieved through the use of positive affirmations, positive self-talk and performing positive actions (doing nice things for other people). Activating the positive in your life automatically activates the Law of Attraction to bring you more of the good stuff.

 -  Lastly, but, most important of all, learn to love, find love, give love, and go where love is. Love is the energy of the Universe. It is the primal force of All That Is. By associating with the Love Force you will find your life guided by it. You will bring yourself into harmonization with the Universe and all Universe activities. You will stop swimming against the current at long last.

All negative forces, including lack of forgiveness, fade away in the face of the power of love. Love is the primary activating force of the Law of Attraction. Find it - use it. When you find it, which, if you search, you will, spare a thought that it was you who attracted it. Then spare a moment to thank the Universe for it.

For more on forgiveness please see my post:

"Letting go of the past - a simple method"

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Hidden Mysteries: How To Live Edition II

Book Review - Press Release

Visitors from the Stars Impart the Key to World Peace in New Novel.

In Authors Glenys Rochford and James Hearn's book, extraterrestrials explain "The Hidden Mysteries" to mankind and usher a new age of prosperity throughout Earth.

The quest for peace throughout the world has long frustrated great leaders and common people alike, throughout the ages, no solution has been provided to answer the question of war and violence. If man cannot solve this riddle, perhaps the answers can come from beyond the heavens, from extraterrestrial beings. This is the solution co-authors Glenys Rochford and James Hearn offer in "The Hidden Mysteries: How To Live Edition II".

An Australian named James Toban stumbles upon a UFO in Queensland, Australia while out walking his dog. From the spaceship emerge four aliens, Rhor Lenzy, Rosemel Lovest, Rolly Petest, and Camdem Zolone. Together, they have brought the Universal Peace Plan (UPP), which they have previously used to unite their planet as well as other planets in the Universe, and intend to bestow it upon humanity to finally bring lasting peace on Earth. They present the UPP to Geneva, Switzerland and New York, presenting it to the global community, who see the light of the Peace Plan and adopt it universally, bringing about a second Renaissance throughout the world.

"This is the book most of the world has been waiting for. After over 60 years of intensive study and research, it is the answer to lasting peace, the conquering of evil on our planet and much, much more. It is the answer to life," the authors declare. Within the tale of alien visitors bestowing peace on Earth are invaluable lessons for remedying the myriad problems plaguing human society today. Crime, violence, terrorism, war, anti-social behaviors such as bullying, solutions to all these problems are presented, along with the ways one can use to live a better life. The secrets of life, what living is all about, lie within the pages of Rochford's and Hearn's empowering opus. Through the lessons they impart, readers will finally know how to conquer evil and attain total freedom.

Mankind can achieve true greatness, and The Hidden Mysteries is the light that will show the way. Rochford and Hearn's work contains the key to unlock humanity's capacity for good, in its pages lies the hope to peace.

There is no doubt - this book should be used as a learning tool in all schools worldwide. It is our duty to pay this knowledge forward to the future generations to follow us.

To secure your copy of The Hidden Mysteries: How To Live Edition II in e-book format simply click the link below:

The Hidden Mysteries: How To Live Edition II