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Thursday, June 11, 2009

What is deep trance channeling?

And what's in it for me (you)?

Deep trance channeling is a situation where the channel (a suitable person who apparently has a slightly different mind construction than an "everyday Joe") enters into a deep trance state, "steps aside" from conscious control, thus allowing other entities to speak through the channel's bodily mechanisms.

Many of you, especially those blinded by structured mainstream religious beliefs, may be extremely skeptical of channeling. May I suggest putting aside a large portion of your skepticism and allowing yourself a closer look. There is lots to learn! Don't keep your mind closed otherwise you may just miss out on some important information pertaining to your existence.

I have been fascinated by what I will call (for lack of a better description) "other dimensional existences" all my life. I first started sitting up straight and paying attention in my teens when I began reading the books by T. Lobsang Rampa. They seemed to have a ring of truth about them, although many claim that they are a work of fiction.

Never mind, my interest was struck, never to go away. Thank you, Tuesday!

I was brought up as a church attending protestant (Church of England). A great believer in the truth of the Bible (both historical and spiritual) and of Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

Only problem is (for the Church, that is) - I have always had a very open mind, a virtually unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and a great love of reading.

It has always stunned me how few regular church goers and believers have actually read the Holy Bible right through from start to finish. As an experiment, try asking some friends of yours who you know attend church regularly, how often they have read their bible from start to finish - I think you may get a shock.

I first began to question the validity of the bible just by critically reading it. Remember, this is a document that you may well be allowing to control your life! Time to take a very close look at "the small print". Think of the efforts you go to when you are about to sign a very important contract, say for the purchase of a house or business, - you hire a very smart lawyer to check the contract and "the small print" - right?

So - you are just about to base your entire life on some very ancient manuscripts - what to do?

You know what to do - YOU critically read every last word (that includes the historicity and authenticity of what you are reading as well). Yep! It's a BIG project, but. hey, it's also your life - and your responsibility to understand FULLY what you are basing your life and spending your valuable time on.

Before any of you true believers start jumping up and down and getting all irritated. Look up to the top of this site. YES!! It's all about personal empowerment. You - in control of you, and the world around you. The Captain of your ship. You - taking responsibility for YOU (and that includes your beliefs).

If, after you have done as I suggested, and you still have your beliefs - then, for you, they are true, valid and tested beliefs. But, of course, your mind will always remain open to new discoveries and events.

As an empowered person you will always check out everything you are told - you never blindly accept anything you are told by anyone - especially from organizations, groups and governments.

Enough in that direction for now. Back to deep trance channeling!

I first became very interested in the phenomenon of channeled messages after reading a book I originally found in a local library called "The Urantia Book".

Check it out - more next post.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Home Project

Stop whatever you are doing and watch this movie - everyone needs to see this. Tell your friends. It's magnificent!

It's in full screen, high definition and doesn't appear to have any loading problems. YouTube must have pulled out all the stops.

Just click this link to watch "Home":