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Monday, August 24, 2009

Deep trance channelling Part 4

This will be the final part in this series. Do I believe Deep Trance Channelling is authentic? Yes I do. I have a couple of reasons.

First -

It would be a sad life, I think, to go through with the belief that all you have done, all you have experienced and learnt will just go phhssssst and disappear like a snuffed out candle as you close your eyes for the last time. How sad. How pointless. Don't misunderstand me. I don't in any way support the dogma and belief systems of ANY of the mainstream religions and I wholeheartedly urge you to also disassociate yourself from them as well.

Why? Well, you just don't need them! This is getting a bit off the track here, but, can I suggest a good read of history, or a newspaper to put you off of organised religion. Religion is for people who can't be bothered thinking for themselves. They need someone to give them a set of rules and dogma to live by (whether it's right or wrong, outdated, impossible, provable or not [faith?]). I personally don't need that at all - and neither do you!

I live by a "reverence for all that is". A respect if you like. I tread litely and give thanks. And, in so doing, "all that is" returns the favor. I look upon everything (all that is) as my friend. I try to live my life in the vibration of love, harmony and gratitude. That's it! How wonderfully simple - and effective!

Everything is made of energy - everything. So if you are looking for "God" you really don't have to look very far. We are an integral part of that energy grid. I'll put it to you that, by your thoughts, you have quite a bit of control of that energy (all that is). The thing that is your thoughts, memories, personality, etc. is energy, and as such, eternal, as is all energy.


This "energy" thingy is really vibration. Vibrations come in infinite levels (dimensions). By methods of altering our thought vibrations (meditation or being in a trance), consider the possibility of bringing our minds into vibrational harmony with other energies or minds currently in other vibratory dimensions. Contact.

Yes, so I can believe that Deep Trance Channelling is authentic. Notice that I didn't say that ALL deep trance channels are authentic, because, as in life in general, there will be plenty of charlatans around. So be careful. When observing this phenomena - use your critical thinking!

Further and reccomended resources:


Seth - here and here

April Crawford - here and here

Robert Shapiro

'Till next time,

Live life!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Deep trance channeling part the three

The origin of the Urantia Book is most fascinating. I suggest you do some of your own research here.

This is the story as I have come to know it. My apologies for errors or omissions. If anyone has further information, please leave a comment with what you know.

It was decided by a group of teachers in another dimension that a further revelation should be made available to humankind (personalities in the flesh). It is called the fifth epochal revelation as there has been four given previously.

A suitable human subject was found. Apparently to be suitable, the subject's mind must be of a certain make-up to allow the messages to come through.

From what I understand an unidentified man in Chicago began to talk in his sleep. His wife dismissed it as just sleep-talk, but it went on and on night after night. She began to take notice because it appeared a story was being told. She notified certain doctors and interested professional parties. This all took place in the 1920's, and 30's.

They listened and took notes. These notes were eventually collected together, assembled in order and eventually became "The Urantia Papers" and were published as the Urantia Book in 1955.

Please check here for much more detail:

More detailed Urantia Book history.

My personal thoughts on the Urantia Book:

I believe it was a genuine attempt by other dimensional personalities to contact us with helpful information regarding "Life, the Universe and Everything".

Sadly, I believe a lot of the information given was deliberately altered or falsified for various reasons. This would be due to the various beliefs (religious or otherwise) of the human information assemblers. Remember we are talking about people in the early part of the 1900's. In America.

But, there is still some really good stuff here and the book is most definitely worth reading. Keep an open mind. It's a long and detailed read. The story of Jesus especially.

Look out for part 4 next time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Deep trance channelling Part 2.

Now where were we?...........Oh, yes!... The Urantia Book.

I was in a local town at the time waiting for some photos to be processed. Had to fill in an hour, so went to the library for a browse. As is my usual way I went to the Religion/Philosophy section.

As is often the case; you don't find things, they jump out and find you. There it was, just as if it was the only book in that whole library. I took a brief thumb through, knew I had something very interesting, joined the library, and took the book home.

Once home I had another look through, found the head office phone number for The Urantia Foundation in Chicago inside the front cover. Due to the difference in times I had to wait till the early morning to phone Chicago.

They were very helpful and gave me their office phone number in Sydney. Waited patiently till 9.00 AM and made the call. Yes they could and would supply. The book, a hard back edition was $84.00 Ozzy dollars. Two weeks later I had my own copy.

Two thousand and some pages! Each page packed full of information.

Only one thing to do. Be very systematic. I set about reading a minimum of 2 pages every day.

I finally finished it three years later!

While reading The Urantia Book I did a lot of checking on how it came to be - as you should do. The book is fascinating, but, how it came to be is just as engrossing.

I think you've already guessed - yes - it's got a whole lot to do with deep trance channelling.

More next time.........

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What is deep trance channeling?

And what's in it for me (you)?

Deep trance channeling is a situation where the channel (a suitable person who apparently has a slightly different mind construction than an "everyday Joe") enters into a deep trance state, "steps aside" from conscious control, thus allowing other entities to speak through the channel's bodily mechanisms.

Many of you, especially those blinded by structured mainstream religious beliefs, may be extremely skeptical of channeling. May I suggest putting aside a large portion of your skepticism and allowing yourself a closer look. There is lots to learn! Don't keep your mind closed otherwise you may just miss out on some important information pertaining to your existence.

I have been fascinated by what I will call (for lack of a better description) "other dimensional existences" all my life. I first started sitting up straight and paying attention in my teens when I began reading the books by T. Lobsang Rampa. They seemed to have a ring of truth about them, although many claim that they are a work of fiction.

Never mind, my interest was struck, never to go away. Thank you, Tuesday!

I was brought up as a church attending protestant (Church of England). A great believer in the truth of the Bible (both historical and spiritual) and of Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

Only problem is (for the Church, that is) - I have always had a very open mind, a virtually unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and a great love of reading.

It has always stunned me how few regular church goers and believers have actually read the Holy Bible right through from start to finish. As an experiment, try asking some friends of yours who you know attend church regularly, how often they have read their bible from start to finish - I think you may get a shock.

I first began to question the validity of the bible just by critically reading it. Remember, this is a document that you may well be allowing to control your life! Time to take a very close look at "the small print". Think of the efforts you go to when you are about to sign a very important contract, say for the purchase of a house or business, - you hire a very smart lawyer to check the contract and "the small print" - right?

So - you are just about to base your entire life on some very ancient manuscripts - what to do?

You know what to do - YOU critically read every last word (that includes the historicity and authenticity of what you are reading as well). Yep! It's a BIG project, but. hey, it's also your life - and your responsibility to understand FULLY what you are basing your life and spending your valuable time on.

Before any of you true believers start jumping up and down and getting all irritated. Look up to the top of this site. YES!! It's all about personal empowerment. You - in control of you, and the world around you. The Captain of your ship. You - taking responsibility for YOU (and that includes your beliefs).

If, after you have done as I suggested, and you still have your beliefs - then, for you, they are true, valid and tested beliefs. But, of course, your mind will always remain open to new discoveries and events.

As an empowered person you will always check out everything you are told - you never blindly accept anything you are told by anyone - especially from organizations, groups and governments.

Enough in that direction for now. Back to deep trance channeling!

I first became very interested in the phenomenon of channeled messages after reading a book I originally found in a local library called "The Urantia Book".

Check it out - more next post.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Home Project

Stop whatever you are doing and watch this movie - everyone needs to see this. Tell your friends. It's magnificent!

It's in full screen, high definition and doesn't appear to have any loading problems. YouTube must have pulled out all the stops.

Just click this link to watch "Home":

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

UFO's - What do you think they are?

I saw another one a couple of nights ago.


Yessir! It brings my total to about 6.

No, I'm not a screwball, not a nutcase. I think I would have at least above average intelligence - well, some days anyway. Problem is I have seen some UFOs. Can't deny it.

This one had lights around it's circular edge. No, it wasn't a weather balloon, or Venus or Mars. It was stationary in the sky, quite high up, and it sped off not long after my brain had registered what the heck I was looking at. And I mean SPED OFF, like one millisecond of a flash and gone completely.

What do I think they are? I don't believe they are any one particular thing. Here's my short list of possibles:

- Curious people from other planets.
- Time travellers from our past or future.
- Projections into our dimension from other dimensions.
- Our nursemaids who made us in the long distant past who continue to observe our development.
- Secret developmental aircraft from this planet that we are never told about.
I believe they could be any one of these or maybe a combination.

Please leave a comment if you can add to this list of possibles. Also happy to accept comments from any aliens living amongst us - I would like to hear from you!

If you are one of the dinosaurs who doesn't believe in UFOs or alien life forms - you obviously need more information.

Let me bring you up to speed. Our galaxy has approximately 100 billion suns. In our known universe there are approximately 100 billion GALAXIES. Law of probabilities will tell you that that is a large enough number to have us (or something vaguely similar) duplicated some where else. It's just a numbers game. And the numbers are large enough.

And that is only in our dimension. And only in forms that we can see. Perhaps there are many more universes out beyond this one. Maybe there are universes co-existing in the same space as ours but vibrating at a different rate - so to us - invisible.
Interested? You should be! It's your universe (home).
Have a look at this YouTube - It explains the many dimension thing a lot better:

Remember Edgar Mitchell, from the Apollo 14 Moon mission? Here's what he has to say about alien visitations:

Former astronaut: Man not alone in the universe.

Don't forget - would love your opinions.

Always keep your mind open - it's easier for the answers to get in.
P.S. I'll tell you what I do know - that is this - there's a hell of a lot we don't know.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to avoid a future cataclysm.

Hit the "reset" button in your memory!

I came across a great article in "New Scientist". It's about Parallel Universes and probable selves. Very "Sliding Doors"-ish.

Imagine events in your life where you have made decisions on which way to go. Consider this - because you have thought about the event and considered multiple choices, those multiple choices, or actions, actually do exist - they are parts of the lives of your thought created parallel selves.

It has been said that by using forms of meditation we are able to access these parallel selves in other dimensions, and they, in turn, can access us. This may happen in the dream state as well, although usually not remembered correctly on waking as the mind struggles to interpret the data (turn the experience - data - into something we can understand in our terms). Hence, those strange dreams we struggle to understand!

Always remember - "As within, so without".

What you observe around you is an outpouring or projection from within you. You create your own reality.

OK, enough from me - here's the article:

"How to avoid a future cataclysm: Forget the past"

If this information intrigues you, can I suggest grabbing a copy of "Seth Speaks" and also "The Nature of Personal Reality" by Jane Roberts. They are available from my Amazon Truth Seeker Bookshop or any serious offline Bookshop will have them in stock or will be able to order them in for you pronto.

The first law of learning - keep your mind open.

Monday, April 6, 2009

How to stop being bored.

It's very easy to stop being bored. Get busy!

Being bored really means you are just lacking motivation. OK, so how do we kill off lack of motivation so that boredom becomes a thing of the past?

Best way I know is to make a project of getting together a list of goals. The goals have to be significantly important to YOU - no one else. They really have to mean a lot to you personally (emotionally). This way it is easy to start getting really involved - that's right - motivated.

Think of what's lacking in your life. I'm not talking about the motivation here, OK! Think hard.

Is it money?
Is it your health?
Is it love?
Perhaps a holiday?
Maybe a combination of the above?

Grab a pen and a sheet of paper and make a heading. The heading is what you have identified as lacking in your life. Now draw two lines down the sheet of paper so that you end up with three equal columns. In the left column write, in very brief point form, all the reasons you can that make you feel you are lacking the particular thing you have identified as your heading to this page.

Say for example you have identified "Money" as what is lacking in your life. That is your heading at the top of your page. You left side may look like this:

No money in Bank.

Can't afford to go out.

Not much food in the pantry.

My car needs fixing.

Now in the middle column write, again in very brief point form, the opposite of every point in the left column. In our example it should look like this:

Lots of money in the Bank.

I can easily afford to go out.

My pantry is full of food.

I've just had my car fixed.

Notice that these are all "belief statements". They could also be called positive affirmations. They are also a list of goals.

In the right column list how you are going to get yourself from the stated situation in the left column to the goal situation in the middle column. It may look like this:

Find a new better paying job.

Make a budget and stick to it.

Stop spending on cigarettes and buy food instead.

Book car in for service (budget for the estimated cost).

Now get busy working through your new action list.

By picturing in your mind (visualising) the completed goals in the center column you will obtain the motivation to go through with the actions you have listed in the right hand column. The positive results will speak for themselves.

You are now far too busy to be bored.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting back up.

Sometimes it seems as if the great dealer in the sky keeps dealing us a dud hand. At times it can be very tempting to just give up and stay down. After all, what's the point? You've failed 100 times right?

Often just getting through the day can be a real test of your character. Life can throw a lot of whammies right in your face, no matter who you are, or where you come from. It can lead to a lot of self doubt.

It takes a lot to keep on getting back up, especially in these hard economic times.

For a whole bucket load of inspiration, watch this video. Then you know that you can do it.

See, it's not how many times you fail that matters - it's how you finish - be like Nick and go for a strong finish!

Monday, March 16, 2009

How to stop believing that the only way rich people got rich is because they got lucky.

Some people are plagued by a belief that rich people only get that way because they are, or got, lucky. Another version is that most rich people inherited their wealth. Or there is this one too: "The only way I'll ever get rich is to win the lottery". This is a good and well used one too: "The boss got rich and owns the company I work for by taking advantage of and ripping off the work force".

These thought trains are all basically the same statements. If you entertain thoughts like the ones above you are making one or both of the following statements:

"Making a profit and/or being rich is evil." and/or

"I am too lazy or ineffective to do what is required to obtain riches, so I will deflect that problem away from myself by trivialising the efforts of others who are not."

Well, actually there is a third. Ever heard these or their many mutations:

"God didn't endow me with what I needed to get there."

"I must have been standing in the wrong queue when the brains were handed out."

All the above self limiting beliefs can be changed. A belief is only a thought repeated with some emotion thrown in for good measure.

But, first of all, let's kill these beliefs with some facts. "Luck" does not exist. By using the word "luck" you are really saying you are in ignorance of all the facts involved in the so-called "luck" event. People win lotteries because (a) they bought a ticket, and, (b) no matter the almost impossible odds, someone must win.

Rich people inherited their wealth. I give you the point that, indeed, people do inherit wealth. But not everybody. And because they inherited it, instead of going through the oftentimes painful method of learning how to earn it, the money is often soon lost. OK, to be fair, one to you, most definitely some people do get rich by inheritance. But, only a very small percentage, and only an even smaller percentage ever hang on to it.

The boss. Let's get this one straight right from now. The boss got and or is getting rich because he took a calculated risk and started/bought a business. He/she has got guts. Try starting to admire these people. Take the time, while you learn to live within your means, to find out how they did it. That's taking positive action so that one day you'll be there too!

You see it is very easy to criticise the efforts of others when you personally lack the wherewithal to do what they are having a good crack at.

Here are some outlook changing statements for you to consider:

Luck does not exist, but effort does.
Rich people employ people.
Rich people create opportunities for others to also get rich.
Rich people, most never publicly acknowledging the fact, endow large sums to very worthy causes.
Rich people, by the act of getting rich, have created methodologies that anyone with the desire can also follow to get rich. Check out your local bookshop.

To finish:

Making a profit and/or being rich is not evil - it is an opportunity to do great things.
Don't be lazy - get up off your backside, switch the TV off, get some information and start making a difference.

If you have the sad idea that you aren't divinely endowed or are a bad queue picker; go to your local library or bookshop, get some auto or biographies of the so called "lucky" people and you will, when you read of their personal trials, very quickly change your opinion.

It is an amazing fact that most rich, and I mean extremely rich people, had very poor, or sometimes no education at all.


You don't have a good education?

Man, how lucky can you get!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How to stop believing that money is the root of all evil.

If you want to look this one up in your Bible, you can find it at 1 Timothy 6:10. Many say it is a very bad misquotation. My Bible certainly doesn't say those exact words. I think that you will find that translations will vary from Bible to Bible.

Anyway, let's nip this one in the bud straight away. If you have been taught in school, Bible class or by your neighborhood preacher that "money is the root of all evil", may I venture to say to you that the person who impressed that upon your mind did an "evil" deed.

And consider for a moment - do you know who made that original statement that is found in the Bible anyway? Sure it's in the Bible, but, as true historical fact, that means very little. I don't want to get into an argument with you about the truthfulness or not of biblical passages, but, it was written a very, very, very, long time ago. It is well known, and even accepted by most mainstream churches, that Biblical passages have been changed and altered many, many times by different translators, scribes, etc. down through time.

OK, enough of those dangerous waters - let's take a different view on this.

What is needed and used to build hospitals? - MONEY!
What is needed and used to build schools? - MONEY!
What is needed and used to fund charities? - MONEY!
What is given to you as exchange for your labour? - MONEY!
What puts food on your table? - MONEY!
What is used as the medium of exchange in our economies to enable us to live fulfilling lives? - MONEY!
What will pay for your retirement one day? - MONEY!

Now, I don't know about you, but, I reckon that hospitals, schools, charities, wages, buying things in shops and one day being able to retire are all good things - not evil at all.

What the basic problem here is a "mis-thinking". What you may have erroneously thought is that money does evil things. Money, all by itself can't do anything. It's just like claiming that "powerful cars kill", or "some roads are dangerous".

When you make statements like the above you have left out the causative factor - PEOPLE.

You see, SOME PEOPLE use money for "evil" or wrong purposes. Or SOME PEOPLE may indulge in wrong acts to obtain money, such as stealing. SOME PEOPLE, who are inadequately trained and are childish in their behaviour, drive powerful cars in a very dangerous manner. There is not a single dangerous road in the entire world. SOME PEOPLE drive on roads in a dangerous manner - they neglect to drive according to conditions.

This physical world we live in is all about people - and how they think.

You can, by good or bad thinking, use the tools in your life for good or bad purposes. Money is just another life tool.

Decide to use your money for good purposes. Look at all the good things around you that money has facilitated the construction of:
The schools
The hospitals
The roads
The very roof over your head!

So the only thing that can make money "evil" in any way, use, shape or form is..........PEOPLE.

All of the wonderful things that surround us and can make yours and others lives extraordinary has all come about by the correct and good use of money.

Make no mistake - the good ALWAYS outweighs the bad.

Only by being wealthy are we truly able to aid the poor.

Always keep uppermost in your mind all the good things that money can, and does do, WILL find you!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to change from "glass half empty" to "glass half full"

This time we will tackle how to deal with the first feel bad item in the Feel Bad Zone.

When you look at something (opportunity, job to do, etc.) do you consistently see the good in it; or do you see only the bad?

If you are already a glass half full person - congratulations - you are an optimist - well done.

If you believe you are a glass half empty person, then you are considered to be a pessimist by nature. Sorry to hear that!

If you are constantly pessimistic you KNOW that nothing seems to turn out right. Nothing seems to come up to scratch for you.

You are never satisfied. There always seems to be a problem with everything. There is always something wrong with the meal you are served with at ANY restaurant you visit. There's always too much to do - how can you possibly fit it all in? Problems seem to surround you.

I call this sort of behaviour "Perception Deception". It has a lot to do with your attitude. It is simply your interpretation of reality as a working function of your attitude. You see, what you may be seeing as a problem, someone else will see it as an opportunity - you lose!

Your negative (pessimistic) outlook to life may be affecting you in so many ways - financial, health, employment opportunities, family and romance to name just a few.

I'll give you a great example. Did Sir Richard Branson originally think that the idea of getting into the already crowded market of retail music was just too hard, had too much competition, and would probably fail anyway, so why bother? Or did he adopt a glass half full attitude and believed he saw an opportunity to out compete his competition? I guess you know the answer to that one!


The glass half empty attitude to life is just like all attitudes - it is learned, and, as such, it can be unlearned. This attitude, through constant repetition, has also become a bad habit. Bad habits can be broken and be replaced with good habits.

How did you learn it? Most likely by adopting very negative self-talk (negative thinking) at some stage. Also have a good look at your friends, relatives and co-workers that you see on a regular basis - how do they talk and act? Circumstances you say? Sorry, that just won't wash. You are responsible for you. Your attitude to your circumstances is well and truly under your very direct control. The colored glasses that you see yourself and your life through are tinted entirely by YOU!


Start by constantly monitoring your thoughts. Put simply; are they nice thoughts, or are they horrible, discouraging thoughts? The trick is to start deliberately noticing all the great things that surround you. This is called pivoting your thoughts.

Try making a physical pen and paper list. Writing things down can carry a lot more weight subconsciously. What pleases you? What brings you joy? Why? Where do you like to visit? What wonderful holidays have you had? Write them down. All the GOOD stuff.

Make a list of all the wonderful inventions that have made your life so much easier. Believe it or not, each one of those inventions started as a positive, constructive thought in someones mind.

Positive affirmations are a brilliant way to start. Used daily they help to re-program your thoughts into more positive and constructive channels. Just Google "positive affirmations" and go for it.

The world, yes, your world as well, is crammed full of positive, wonderful things. Good things happen all the time. People get rich everyday. Switch off the television news - they make a living reporting mostly BAD and depressing news. It's nice to be informed - but not overwhelmed.

All journeys start with the first step. I've given you some ideas to start. The rest is now up to you.

Travel well!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to feel good - part 2.

Last time we chatted about the Feel Bad Zone.

I gave you some contrast by describing in point form what being in the Feel Bad Zone is all about. It's a nasty place! As I said then, if you find yourself domiciled in any or some of those situations - you need to get out of there - real quick.

In future posts I will go into some detail about how to extricate yourself from each and every one of those situations I described.

Today is all about - the Feel Good Zone.

Life is all about feeling good. It's where you need to be ALL the time.


Simply - it's not only a happy place, but also, so much more! As I said last time, just try living life in the Feel Bad Zone and you will start longing for the Feel Good Zone - guaranteed!

Besides, feeling good will remove resistance from your personality (opens the door) so that all the good things (your personal desires) are able to enter into your life. It's called invoking the Law of Allowing.

See if you relate to any, some, or all of these.

The Feel Good Zone:

Your glass is always half full.
You live your life with passion - you go for it.
You are optimistic - the future looks good.
You are enthusiastic and eager - nothing is too much trouble.
You love yourself, you are loved, and you give love freely.
You seek and love freedom.
You love and respect animals.
You are grateful - you show appreciation.
A feeling of joy dominates your life.
You are an empowered person - you KNOW you can do it - and by god - you will!
You enjoy gaining knowledge.
You deeply understand that abundance is all around you and it is all available to you.
You learn from your mistakes.
You are just happy - smiling comes naturally.
Your life is one of contentment.
You proudly accept responsibility for yourself and your actions.
You have faith that all is for a higher purpose.
You constantly seek opportunities to improve yourself and your situation.
You get enjoyment and satisfaction from helping others - you are service oriented.
You look after yourself - both physically and mentally.
You seek peace and shun violence.
You laugh freely and often.

Love is all around you. Beauty is all around you. Abundance is all around you. Happiness is everywhere. Laughter abounds, All knowledge is available to you. Peace and joy are your birthright. We all live for a higher purpose!


Half full?

Your glass is overflowing!

Open your eyes.

Look for something beautiful. Perhaps a flower? focus on how beautiful it is. Soon you will notice something else that has beauty. Then something else. Then something else. Then something else. Then something else.

And as you notice how beauty seems to be everywhere it starts to become a part of you life. It's filling your thoughts. Beauty is revealing itself and coming to you. Your mind has become a magnet for beauty.

It's called the Law of Attraction.

Use it!

Next time - how to pivot those "feel bads" into "feel goods".

Monday, February 2, 2009

How to feel good - Part One.

Life is all about getting into, and staying in, the Feel Good Zone.

Don't believe me?

Try living your life outside the Feel Good Zone. Go on! Be my guest. It's called living in the Feel Bad Zone.

Let's get some contrast happening here.

The Feel Bad Zone:

Your glass is always half empty.
You believe money is the root of all evil.
You know that people only get rich because they got lucky.
Your bored.
Your angry.
Your disappointed.
You worry all the time.
You never seem to have enough money.
Everything seems to go wrong for you.
Good things only happen to other people.
You blame everyone and everything else for YOUR failures.
You feel unworthy - you don't deserve success.
You always feel depressed.
You are frightened - especially of change.
You feel overwhelmed - how can you possibly get everything done.
You hate black people, white people, rich people, basically anyone different to you.
Your always feeling frustrated.
Little things constantly irritate you.
You feel guilty.
You're a pessimist.
You despair at the state of the world.
You are always the impatient one in the queue.
You feel powerless to change yourself or your situation.
You are jealous of other people.
You lie frequently.
You would love to get revenge on those bastards for what they did to you.
You don't like the company of other people.
You are full of grief - someone that you loved has recently died and you can't get over it.

Now that's all bad - real bad! If you identify with any, some or all of these feelings, meaning, they are part of your everyday life, you are offering resistance.


How can you let the good stuff in if you keep focusing on the bad stuff?

It's that simple!

By always focusing your thoughts and hence your life on the opposite of what would make you feel good, all you end up getting is more of what makes you feel bad (The Law of Attraction).

Feeling jealous doesn't make you feel good.
Feeling anger doesn't make you feel good.
Having the wrong attitude to money doesn't make you feel good.
Constantly becoming irritated by the smallest of things doesn't make you feel good.

See what I mean?

When you are spending time thinking and focusing on feel bad things you are taking valuable time away from thinking and focusing on all the good things - the feeling good things.

And when you learn to change or "pivot" your thinking towards all the feel good ways of thinking and living - resistance falls away - you start to allow all the good things into your life. In fact, everything you have ever desired becomes available to you. You have opened the door.

You have stopped blocking and started allowing.

Next time - how to feel good - part 2.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Slow life.

Ever feel that life is getting on top of you? Everything going waaayyyy too fast? Feel you need to call for time out?

The stresses of everyday life are very real. The effects of stress on your body is a disaster. All manner of diseases can be traced back to leading a far too stressful lifestyle.

The cause?



Being in a hurry. Traffic on the freeway. A horrible boss at work. Way too much debt. Being in a less than great relationship. Looking in the mirror and wondering who the blimp is looking back at you. Too many things to do......................fill in the dots with your own.

What to do?

OK, this is what I do. Yes, it's my solution and I admit it's probably not for everyone. But hey! In the absence of other solutions and considering that it is completely free to try, it might just be worth you giving it a try.


OK. Here we go.

I s.l.o.w. d..o..w..n. Quite deliberately. Actually there is a name for it - "slow life"!

I drive slowly. I eat slowly. I work slowly. I deliberately take my time at everything - and I do mean - everything. Cooking, cleaning, working out, walking, talking, se.....well, yeah, that too!

Guess what happens?

For a start you begin to enjoy your tasks. You have more time to think about what you are doing so mistakes are cut right back. You start to sleep at night. Your relationships improve. People notice the "new vibe" coming from you. Energy levels jump.

Surprise, surprise, surprise - you begin to notice that you are accomplishing more each day and are enjoying doing things again. Now that is totally opposite to what you thought would happen.

What's that? Oh - your boss? Well I'm sure he will notice that you seem to be working very systematically, rarely ever make costly mistakes or bad decisions, never have sick days any more, you smile a lot, lifting workplace morale. He notices how the new "slower but somehow faster you" is a cool dude or dudet. Always in control. Now next in line for a move up the line!

Go on - give it a try for awhile - as I said it's free and won't harm you in any way.

In fact you may end up just like me - permanently living the slow life and feeling good.

Empower yourself - slow down.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Albert Einstein

He wasn't just a nerd standing in front of a blackboard covered in chalk dust. He wasn't just a great theoretical physicist and mathematician.

He was much more.

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us a universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest ... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in it's beauty." - Albert Einstein

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barack Obama

In Australia we sometimes view goings-on in America with a fair bit of amusement. So much hoopla! I can never quite get a grip on what actors, musicians and performers have to do with presidential inaugurations, other than to promote themselves and turn the whole thing into a country fair. Is it just me?

Loved his speech. Whoever wrote that earned their pay. He certainly delivered it brilliantly. Let's hope the results from his efforts in the years ahead can come up to these expectations. Remember - the only thing he has accomplished yet is to get himself elected - the real work starts once the hoopla stops.

I felt very sorry for George Bush. It was extremely bad form for people to boo him. Could they have done any better? I doubt it. After all a President really only acts according to his advice. In the same situations as George Bush faced would any other president elect's advice have been any different. I doubt it.

Same facts, same situations, same advice givers = same result.

If jet planes are flown by hijackers into buildings during Barack Obama's presidency will his decisions be any different than George Bush's. His country under attack. I doubt it.

His biggest problems to overcome?

The same as we have here in Australia. Empty warehouses and factories. Warehouses turned into apartments. Housing estates built where orchards, farms and vegetable farmers used to produce products now being imported.

We went to Melbourne last week to have a look at a new development called "Docklands". It was all very nice. An old dockland area turned into an apartment area for the rich. Full of restaurants, open areas and docking facilities for private yachts.

Once upon a time it was an industrial and warehouse area providing jobs and income. Where is all that now? We have huge housing estates full of "McMansions" where orchards and vegetable gardens once were. People employed, products produced no more, now sadly imported.

A hierarchy of bureaucracy bordering on insanity where one hand just has no idea what the other is doing. Far too many cooks continually spoiling the broth.

For the good of not only America, but the world, let's hope and offer support so that Barack Obama's Presidency is outstanding for all the right and good reasons.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The power of feeling good.

How would your life have turned out if you knew from the start that all you had to do was to feel good?

Think about it.

A life full of feeling good. Heaven on earth? Perhaps.

To follow is a wonderful quote from a beautiful book called: "Ask and it is Given" by Abraham from Esther and Jerry Hicks. I thoroughly recommend it.

"We want to say to you that your thoughts change the behavior of everyone and everything who has anything to do with you. For your thoughts absolutely equal your point of attraction, and the better you feel, the more that everything and everyone around you improves. In the moment that you find an improved feeling, conditions and circumstances change to match your feeling."

If you would like to purchase a copy, I have it in my Amazon Bookshop. Alternatively from Abraham-Hicks or your local bookshop (if they don't stock it tell'em to get it in - fast).

Friday, January 16, 2009

The "To Do" list - less is best.

Are you a "To Do" list maker?

I have been extremely good at making very long "To Do TODAY" lists. The problem is that more often than not - OK, OK, tell the truth - always, I can never finish the list.

Once I get started on a list, man, it just grows like it's on some form of super duper steroid. When the pen's in my hand it's just like automatic writing. Before I can wrest back any form of control the list is so long that I would really need a staff of at least 50 to get anywhere close to crossing off enough entries so that calling it a "today" list doesn't become some form of weird humor. Sometimes they could far more accurately be called "To Do This Decade" lists.

I have recently tried curbing my natural exuberance by deliberately limiting the size of any "To Do" list I persecute myself with.

While it is very healthy to want to accomplish lots each day it can also become a source of anxiety when we heap too much on our own plates. Thoughts of never being able to finish anything on time (overwhelmed) can also arise.

For what it's worth, the results of my recent efforts at cutting back on my list size have been very positive.

I'm now very proudly an "I always get my list done type guy". It's great to finish a list with time to spare.

Empower yourself - try cutting back on the demands you make of yourself - it's like a breath of fresh air! You are only you - not a staff of 50.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What do Gandhi and Edison have in common?

Answer - each man left us with a beautiful quote about non-violence.

"Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man." - Gandhi

"Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages." - Edison

We are all physical manifestations of non-physical beings here to experience life in this physical environment to aid in the evolution of our non-physical selves. We are all part of, and come from, the first source and center (Universal Intelligence or God if you wish). As such we are all part of the one and therefore directly inter-related. Harm to one is by definition harm to us all. Hence the Golden Rule.

Do only unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Nothing Box

I was sitting very comfortably in my camping chair. Had a drink sitting in it's holder. Staring into, well, staring into, er, well, nothing really.

I'm sure time was passing. I know I was definitely relaxing - more and more - as I think time was probably passing. Maybe. Perhaps it had stopped.

I gradually became aware of movement. Actually, a lot of movement. A lot of movement that had a lot to do with...........females.

I looked in the direction of all the movement..............and there they were.

Madly cleaning........washing dishes.........tidying up!!!!!!!!!!!

I suggested they should perhaps just sit awhile and chill for a bit - pop a bottle of wine and relax!

Incredulous looks back in my direction - I was quite obviously insane.

Truly, men and women's brains work very differently. I had opened my "Nothing Box" and meanwhile their wiring was buzzing with activity.

Do yourself a favour and have a good laugh about this very subject - YouTube "Men's Brain Women's Brain."

Mark Gungor - you are sooooo right!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The view from the top.

On the first of our camping trips we left for the river (it's actually a large creek) on Boxing Day. The rest of the first day was mostly settling in.

In the afternoon of the second day my son suggested we take all the young kids for a four wheel drive to give them some excitement. My son has a Suzuki Vitara and I have a Suzuki Jimny. We checked the map and selected a suitably tricky track.

The kids were loaded in to both 4wd's and off we went. The track was found. Low range 1 was selected and I kept the revs at just over 3,000. This gives me suitable momentum but allows for a slow enough speed to be able to pick the best way forward. Understand, we are talking extremely steep and rough - not for the faint hearted.

It took about 15 minutes and many excited screams from the young occupants until we emerged at the top of the hill. We could see a long way.

It was only from here, at the top, that we could see a bad rain storm approaching rapidly. None of us relished the idea of being caught half way down that track in a storm, with the track quickly turning into a slippery water course. We got moving and got back down just as the rain hit!

It was only by enduring (and enjoying) the long road to the top that we were able to gain a proper perspective on what lay ahead for us (we gained more control over our future). We faced, overcame and employed the element of risk to enable us to reach our objective. Indeed, a lot of that journey contained great risk, but we viewed it as excitement. We took others with us so that they may enjoy and profit from the journey as well. We made quick and proper decisions and all came out well.

Life offers many lessons.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Start of a new year.

So here we all are, lined up on the starting blocks for a brand new year. I hope the festive season was good to you in many, many ways.

We all had a wonderful time here. Went camping with family and friends twice with one trip still to go.

What did I enjoy most on the two trips?

That's a tough one. I guess I enjoyed all the children. Our children and grandchildren were there as well as children and grandchildren of our friends. It was just beautiful to watch the young ones play. Throwing rocks into the water never seems to lose it's charm!

Just sitting in a chair looking at the bush, watching the campfire burn, the children play, holding my wife's hand in the chair next to mine, I felt very blessed. I am a truly blessed person and I give thanks for that.

Feeling good is a wonderful thing.