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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The view from the top.

On the first of our camping trips we left for the river (it's actually a large creek) on Boxing Day. The rest of the first day was mostly settling in.

In the afternoon of the second day my son suggested we take all the young kids for a four wheel drive to give them some excitement. My son has a Suzuki Vitara and I have a Suzuki Jimny. We checked the map and selected a suitably tricky track.

The kids were loaded in to both 4wd's and off we went. The track was found. Low range 1 was selected and I kept the revs at just over 3,000. This gives me suitable momentum but allows for a slow enough speed to be able to pick the best way forward. Understand, we are talking extremely steep and rough - not for the faint hearted.

It took about 15 minutes and many excited screams from the young occupants until we emerged at the top of the hill. We could see a long way.

It was only from here, at the top, that we could see a bad rain storm approaching rapidly. None of us relished the idea of being caught half way down that track in a storm, with the track quickly turning into a slippery water course. We got moving and got back down just as the rain hit!

It was only by enduring (and enjoying) the long road to the top that we were able to gain a proper perspective on what lay ahead for us (we gained more control over our future). We faced, overcame and employed the element of risk to enable us to reach our objective. Indeed, a lot of that journey contained great risk, but we viewed it as excitement. We took others with us so that they may enjoy and profit from the journey as well. We made quick and proper decisions and all came out well.

Life offers many lessons.

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