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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Slow life.

Ever feel that life is getting on top of you? Everything going waaayyyy too fast? Feel you need to call for time out?

The stresses of everyday life are very real. The effects of stress on your body is a disaster. All manner of diseases can be traced back to leading a far too stressful lifestyle.

The cause?



Being in a hurry. Traffic on the freeway. A horrible boss at work. Way too much debt. Being in a less than great relationship. Looking in the mirror and wondering who the blimp is looking back at you. Too many things to do......................fill in the dots with your own.

What to do?

OK, this is what I do. Yes, it's my solution and I admit it's probably not for everyone. But hey! In the absence of other solutions and considering that it is completely free to try, it might just be worth you giving it a try.


OK. Here we go.

I s.l.o.w. d..o..w..n. Quite deliberately. Actually there is a name for it - "slow life"!

I drive slowly. I eat slowly. I work slowly. I deliberately take my time at everything - and I do mean - everything. Cooking, cleaning, working out, walking, talking, se.....well, yeah, that too!

Guess what happens?

For a start you begin to enjoy your tasks. You have more time to think about what you are doing so mistakes are cut right back. You start to sleep at night. Your relationships improve. People notice the "new vibe" coming from you. Energy levels jump.

Surprise, surprise, surprise - you begin to notice that you are accomplishing more each day and are enjoying doing things again. Now that is totally opposite to what you thought would happen.

What's that? Oh - your boss? Well I'm sure he will notice that you seem to be working very systematically, rarely ever make costly mistakes or bad decisions, never have sick days any more, you smile a lot, lifting workplace morale. He notices how the new "slower but somehow faster you" is a cool dude or dudet. Always in control. Now next in line for a move up the line!

Go on - give it a try for awhile - as I said it's free and won't harm you in any way.

In fact you may end up just like me - permanently living the slow life and feeling good.

Empower yourself - slow down.

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