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Monday, February 2, 2009

How to feel good - Part One.

Life is all about getting into, and staying in, the Feel Good Zone.

Don't believe me?

Try living your life outside the Feel Good Zone. Go on! Be my guest. It's called living in the Feel Bad Zone.

Let's get some contrast happening here.

The Feel Bad Zone:

Your glass is always half empty.
You believe money is the root of all evil.
You know that people only get rich because they got lucky.
Your bored.
Your angry.
Your disappointed.
You worry all the time.
You never seem to have enough money.
Everything seems to go wrong for you.
Good things only happen to other people.
You blame everyone and everything else for YOUR failures.
You feel unworthy - you don't deserve success.
You always feel depressed.
You are frightened - especially of change.
You feel overwhelmed - how can you possibly get everything done.
You hate black people, white people, rich people, basically anyone different to you.
Your always feeling frustrated.
Little things constantly irritate you.
You feel guilty.
You're a pessimist.
You despair at the state of the world.
You are always the impatient one in the queue.
You feel powerless to change yourself or your situation.
You are jealous of other people.
You lie frequently.
You would love to get revenge on those bastards for what they did to you.
You don't like the company of other people.
You are full of grief - someone that you loved has recently died and you can't get over it.

Now that's all bad - real bad! If you identify with any, some or all of these feelings, meaning, they are part of your everyday life, you are offering resistance.


How can you let the good stuff in if you keep focusing on the bad stuff?

It's that simple!

By always focusing your thoughts and hence your life on the opposite of what would make you feel good, all you end up getting is more of what makes you feel bad (The Law of Attraction).

Feeling jealous doesn't make you feel good.
Feeling anger doesn't make you feel good.
Having the wrong attitude to money doesn't make you feel good.
Constantly becoming irritated by the smallest of things doesn't make you feel good.

See what I mean?

When you are spending time thinking and focusing on feel bad things you are taking valuable time away from thinking and focusing on all the good things - the feeling good things.

And when you learn to change or "pivot" your thinking towards all the feel good ways of thinking and living - resistance falls away - you start to allow all the good things into your life. In fact, everything you have ever desired becomes available to you. You have opened the door.

You have stopped blocking and started allowing.

Next time - how to feel good - part 2.

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