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Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to feel good - part 2.

Last time we chatted about the Feel Bad Zone.

I gave you some contrast by describing in point form what being in the Feel Bad Zone is all about. It's a nasty place! As I said then, if you find yourself domiciled in any or some of those situations - you need to get out of there - real quick.

In future posts I will go into some detail about how to extricate yourself from each and every one of those situations I described.

Today is all about - the Feel Good Zone.

Life is all about feeling good. It's where you need to be ALL the time.


Simply - it's not only a happy place, but also, so much more! As I said last time, just try living life in the Feel Bad Zone and you will start longing for the Feel Good Zone - guaranteed!

Besides, feeling good will remove resistance from your personality (opens the door) so that all the good things (your personal desires) are able to enter into your life. It's called invoking the Law of Allowing.

See if you relate to any, some, or all of these.

The Feel Good Zone:

Your glass is always half full.
You live your life with passion - you go for it.
You are optimistic - the future looks good.
You are enthusiastic and eager - nothing is too much trouble.
You love yourself, you are loved, and you give love freely.
You seek and love freedom.
You love and respect animals.
You are grateful - you show appreciation.
A feeling of joy dominates your life.
You are an empowered person - you KNOW you can do it - and by god - you will!
You enjoy gaining knowledge.
You deeply understand that abundance is all around you and it is all available to you.
You learn from your mistakes.
You are just happy - smiling comes naturally.
Your life is one of contentment.
You proudly accept responsibility for yourself and your actions.
You have faith that all is for a higher purpose.
You constantly seek opportunities to improve yourself and your situation.
You get enjoyment and satisfaction from helping others - you are service oriented.
You look after yourself - both physically and mentally.
You seek peace and shun violence.
You laugh freely and often.

Love is all around you. Beauty is all around you. Abundance is all around you. Happiness is everywhere. Laughter abounds, All knowledge is available to you. Peace and joy are your birthright. We all live for a higher purpose!


Half full?

Your glass is overflowing!

Open your eyes.

Look for something beautiful. Perhaps a flower? focus on how beautiful it is. Soon you will notice something else that has beauty. Then something else. Then something else. Then something else. Then something else.

And as you notice how beauty seems to be everywhere it starts to become a part of you life. It's filling your thoughts. Beauty is revealing itself and coming to you. Your mind has become a magnet for beauty.

It's called the Law of Attraction.

Use it!

Next time - how to pivot those "feel bads" into "feel goods".

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