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Monday, June 23, 2008

Success - is waiting for you

According to "success" can be defined as:

1. the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavours.
2. the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.
3. a successful performance or achievement.
4. a person or thing that is successful.

I put it to you that every single human being on this planet thirsts for "success". Also what can be guaranteed is that, just as the dictionary did not have one single definition of success, the definition of success is different for every one of those humans on this planet. "Success" to me would be different to "success" for you.

Quite often you will notice that someone who is spectacularly successful in one area of endeavour will also be experiencing total disaster in another. Famous actors or popular music stars come readily to mind. Very wealthy and very successful in their career, idolised by millions, but their personal lives are disaster areas.

The trick, obviously, is to be successful in as many areas of your life as you can and circumstances allow. My personal definition of success is the attainment of a state of joy in my life. To be happy and satisfied.

Where to find it? Look in all the small places first. Start with the little things - and the big things will follow naturally. Make your life chock full of all the things that ring your bell. All the things that thrill you. All the things that you look forward to. All the things you just love to do. What puts the smile on your dial? If you need to, be prepared to change some things that aren't working for you - that may be a job you hate, or even a place you don't like living. The effort will be worth it! It comes down to this - What price do you personally place on "success" and your personal definition of it. Are you prepared to be a price payer.

Just a warning here. Make sure that in your forward motion to attain your definition of success you are not trampling all over someone else in the process - for that would definitely be a false success. Check you attitude to your fellow humans. You share this world with others. True success never impinges on the rights of others, rather, it lifts everyone to new heights, just as the tide lifts all boats in a harbor.

Success for you may be attaining the status of "millionaire", or it could be the feeling of happiness in helping someone with a task they are unable to perform for themselves. Whatever it is - go for it - give yourself permission to find success - whatever it means to you. Put no limits on what you can achieve. It's all there waiting for...........YOU!

A quote for you: "Success is not so much what we have as it is what we are." - Jim Rohn

An excellent read: "The Success Principles" by Jack Canfield

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Your Power For Change

Have you ever walked into a room and wished you hadn't. What I'm talking about here is the "vibe". The term "I could have cut the air with a knife" comes to mind. The people in the room are whispering and frowning is commonplace. No one is laughing. Yuk!

The opposite of course is often the case. You enter a room full of people and there's a "buzz". It's all happening to use a 70's term. Smiles all around, everyone chatting and laughing - immediately you know this party is going to be Gooood! You can feel it.

One room is negative while the other is positive. Imagine if we could stop time for a couple of minutes - no, let's not just imagine - let's do it! We have stopped time. Now let's turn all the people in the negative room into a sum much like we used to do at school with arithmetic. Then we'll play averages.

This person over here has a very negative attitude to everything so he gets a -9. That lady over there is not too bad so she gets a -2. The friend you came with is fairly cheery, he gets a +2. As usual, of course, you're on top of the world, all fired up, so you are awarded a +9. The others range from -1 to -9. We end up with a "per person vibe" average of -4.

We go through the same process with the other, positive, room. Much better. The average here is a wonderful +5. This place is jumping - you don't want to go home - this party is looking to go Waaaay into the night.

Take this same template and place it over your family - what do you get? Your place of work? Your country? Your world? You?

What makes each of these hypothetical people's +'s or -'s are their personal vibrational states. This personal vibrational state is constructed from their personal thoughts. My wife often has the unnerving habit of turning to me and saying "I can tell you're deep in thought, what are you thinking about?" She could feel the vibrations emanating from me due to the fact that I actually was very deep in thought about some subject that I was intensely interested in and emotionally attached to. Hence she picked it up.

I can hear your question. O.K. Doug, this is all very interesting and I can see where you are coming from, but, what's the point? The point is this - to make change for the better in our life we must always endeavour to make sure that we are a + person. Always being in a + vibration (positive and/or joyous thoughts) is a real way in which we can truly influence those around us. You can't force other people to change, they have to want to change. By your positive thoughts, becoming positive words and then positive deeds you can have a very real impact on the world around you - just as my wife picks up on my vibrations, so other people will pick up on yours.

You see, the future is not really in everyone's hands, it's actually in their thoughts, where everything begins. Let's all go change the world - one thought at a time.

A quote for you: "Our life is what our thoughts make it. A man will find that as he alters his thoughts toward things and other people, things and other people will alter towards him." - James Allen

Change your thoughts, change your life. It's the book that's changed the life of millions. Download a free ebook of James Allen's "As A Man Thinketh."

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Towards Financial Freedom - Part 4

Today is the fourth and last in my mini-series "Towards Financial Freedom". So here we go.

4. Your Self.

Work constantly to improve yourself as a person, as an individual. Strive to make yourself someone whom others just like to be around, in other words, make sure you are attractive to other people (I'm not only talking about "looks" here). Study, learn, read and begin to take a great interest in life in general and you will find that life will start taking an ever greater interest in you.

Get fit. You don't need to belong to an expensive gymnasium to achieve this - much can be done totally free at home. Walking is great. Make sure to always get a thorough checkup by your Doctor first before embarking on a new "get fit" program. Play safe. Getting your body into shape will give you oodles of confidence you may never have had before.

Watch your diet. Eating healthy can end up costing far less than eating junk food or eating out. Invest in a steamer for your vegetables. As far as practical eat wholefoods and lower your fat intake. Do your research. An improved diet can change your life for the better all on it's own. Use your mirror - it is a very honest friend.

Without going overboard seek out a spiritual side to your life. There is great comfort in knowing you are not alone and all has purpose. Find and surround yourself with a small group of very close and trusted friends. A problem shared is a problem halved. Look for mentors - people who are already at the place in life where you aspire to be. They are out there. Start looking. If you really desire change you'll find them. Join clubs and trade associations to start. Many successful people get a great thrill sharing what they have learnt and are more than willing to point you in the right direction.

To conclude.

At the end of the day it's your life. You are totally and completely responsible for all your actions and inactions. Start to find the information you need from sites like this and take correct action. Above all - TAKE ACTION.

Don't wait for a miracle - BE THE MIRACLE!!!!

A quote for you: "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." - Mark Twain

You need this: "Success And The Self Image" by Zig Ziglar

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Towards Financial Freedom - Part 3

3. Your Goals (Dreams)

A question for you. Would you set out on a very, very long journey to an area completely unknown to you without first obtaining and consulting a map? Just for a minute imagine yourself on this journey to this totally strange area with no map or direction finding help whatsoever.

You do know that people have made it through before with varying degrees of success. A great percentage appear to get lost, confused, travel in circles and just seem to be going nowhere in particular. They seem to have this uneasy feeling that they perhaps should have some sort of a plan to be going at least somewhere on this great and mystical journey.

What is known is that nearly all of the successful travellers on this journey took the time to sit down quietly with pen and paper to map out their route to all the destinations they desired to visit. In doing so they virtually guaranteed their arrival.

You see, without dreams and goals you are doomed. It is the same as setting out on a long journey with no map and no destination in mind - you just end up going in circles and feeling very unsatisfied. Achievement levels are mediocre to say the least!

Action Plan. Set aside a whole day when you can be alone. You will need a pen and some paper - hopefully many pages (and a spare pen!). Now make a huge list (the more detail the better - what color will that Rolls Royce be?) of all the things you want to do, have, be and achieve from this moment on till the moment your eyelids close for the final time. I mean everything - leave nothing out - not a single thing. Keep in mind that what you are writing down is your new life - your adventure - love it - do it - go for it with all your heart and soul! Lastly, assemble everything into some sort of order that suits you best but be flexible as your likes, dislikes and opportunities can change with time.

Don't concern yourself with the "how". That's the Universe's problem. The job at hand for you is just to focus on your destination/s - and feel good about them. Like thoughts attract like things. It is a Law of the Universe and it works every time.

Next time: Your self.

Three excellent quotes:

"People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine." - Brian Tracy

"It doesn't matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going." - Brian Tracy

"All successful people, men and women, are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that gaol or purpose." - Brian Tracy

A must read: "Goals" by Brian Tracy.