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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Deep trance channeling part the three

The origin of the Urantia Book is most fascinating. I suggest you do some of your own research here.

This is the story as I have come to know it. My apologies for errors or omissions. If anyone has further information, please leave a comment with what you know.

It was decided by a group of teachers in another dimension that a further revelation should be made available to humankind (personalities in the flesh). It is called the fifth epochal revelation as there has been four given previously.

A suitable human subject was found. Apparently to be suitable, the subject's mind must be of a certain make-up to allow the messages to come through.

From what I understand an unidentified man in Chicago began to talk in his sleep. His wife dismissed it as just sleep-talk, but it went on and on night after night. She began to take notice because it appeared a story was being told. She notified certain doctors and interested professional parties. This all took place in the 1920's, and 30's.

They listened and took notes. These notes were eventually collected together, assembled in order and eventually became "The Urantia Papers" and were published as the Urantia Book in 1955.

Please check here for much more detail:

More detailed Urantia Book history.

My personal thoughts on the Urantia Book:

I believe it was a genuine attempt by other dimensional personalities to contact us with helpful information regarding "Life, the Universe and Everything".

Sadly, I believe a lot of the information given was deliberately altered or falsified for various reasons. This would be due to the various beliefs (religious or otherwise) of the human information assemblers. Remember we are talking about people in the early part of the 1900's. In America.

But, there is still some really good stuff here and the book is most definitely worth reading. Keep an open mind. It's a long and detailed read. The story of Jesus especially.

Look out for part 4 next time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Deep trance channelling Part 2.

Now where were we?...........Oh, yes!... The Urantia Book.

I was in a local town at the time waiting for some photos to be processed. Had to fill in an hour, so went to the library for a browse. As is my usual way I went to the Religion/Philosophy section.

As is often the case; you don't find things, they jump out and find you. There it was, just as if it was the only book in that whole library. I took a brief thumb through, knew I had something very interesting, joined the library, and took the book home.

Once home I had another look through, found the head office phone number for The Urantia Foundation in Chicago inside the front cover. Due to the difference in times I had to wait till the early morning to phone Chicago.

They were very helpful and gave me their office phone number in Sydney. Waited patiently till 9.00 AM and made the call. Yes they could and would supply. The book, a hard back edition was $84.00 Ozzy dollars. Two weeks later I had my own copy.

Two thousand and some pages! Each page packed full of information.

Only one thing to do. Be very systematic. I set about reading a minimum of 2 pages every day.

I finally finished it three years later!

While reading The Urantia Book I did a lot of checking on how it came to be - as you should do. The book is fascinating, but, how it came to be is just as engrossing.

I think you've already guessed - yes - it's got a whole lot to do with deep trance channelling.

More next time.........