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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Deep trance channelling Part 2.

Now where were we?...........Oh, yes!... The Urantia Book.

I was in a local town at the time waiting for some photos to be processed. Had to fill in an hour, so went to the library for a browse. As is my usual way I went to the Religion/Philosophy section.

As is often the case; you don't find things, they jump out and find you. There it was, just as if it was the only book in that whole library. I took a brief thumb through, knew I had something very interesting, joined the library, and took the book home.

Once home I had another look through, found the head office phone number for The Urantia Foundation in Chicago inside the front cover. Due to the difference in times I had to wait till the early morning to phone Chicago.

They were very helpful and gave me their office phone number in Sydney. Waited patiently till 9.00 AM and made the call. Yes they could and would supply. The book, a hard back edition was $84.00 Ozzy dollars. Two weeks later I had my own copy.

Two thousand and some pages! Each page packed full of information.

Only one thing to do. Be very systematic. I set about reading a minimum of 2 pages every day.

I finally finished it three years later!

While reading The Urantia Book I did a lot of checking on how it came to be - as you should do. The book is fascinating, but, how it came to be is just as engrossing.

I think you've already guessed - yes - it's got a whole lot to do with deep trance channelling.

More next time.........


UBtheNEWS said...

The UBtheNEWS project, launched in January 2007, documents how new discoveries and scientific advances have been catching up to the Urantia Book since its publication in 1955. The Urantia Book says that its historic facts "will stand on the records of the ages to come." Most of the reports on UBtheNEWS are corroborations of the history. Some of them have to do with science. A lot more reports are in the works.




Doug Allitt said...

Thanks for your comment, Halbert. Your Adamson's Civilisation Project is very interesting as is UBtheNEWS.



DickB said...

Hi Doug from a 43 year student of the Urantia Book. Don't know if you've found out that there is a good sized community of Urantia Book readers in Australia. I know that they have periodic conferences; some are probably held in your area.

Welcome to the world wide fellowship of Urantia book students.

Namaste, Dick

Doug Allitt said...

Hello Dick,

Thank you for your comment and the information. Yes I was aware of these groups - apparently a few in Australia and some individuals offering help with the book as well.

Will have a good look at your website, "The Spiritual Fellowship". The Forbidden Planet is one of my favourite movies as well!

If you ever feel the urge to write a guest post on this blog you are welcome.

Thanks again for the comment,



DickB said...

Thanks for the invite, Doug. Right now I'm consumed with putting together my new video series, Jesus: The Women in His Life. I'm also doing a fair amount of work on intro material for The Spiritual Fellowship. I have done a lot of writing in the past and I want to get back to it when I get present tasks done.

Interesting that you mention Forbidden Planet; I don't think I mentioned it, but it is among my favorite Sci Fi films along with 2001.

Speaking of channeling, Dr. Sadler discussed the sleeping subject involved in the Urantia papers in an appendix to his book, The Mind at Mischief.

Namaste, Dick

Doug Allitt said...

Hi Dick,

Nice to hear from you again. "The mind at Mischief" looks a good read - I must chase it up.

All the best,