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Friday, January 16, 2009

The "To Do" list - less is best.

Are you a "To Do" list maker?

I have been extremely good at making very long "To Do TODAY" lists. The problem is that more often than not - OK, OK, tell the truth - always, I can never finish the list.

Once I get started on a list, man, it just grows like it's on some form of super duper steroid. When the pen's in my hand it's just like automatic writing. Before I can wrest back any form of control the list is so long that I would really need a staff of at least 50 to get anywhere close to crossing off enough entries so that calling it a "today" list doesn't become some form of weird humor. Sometimes they could far more accurately be called "To Do This Decade" lists.

I have recently tried curbing my natural exuberance by deliberately limiting the size of any "To Do" list I persecute myself with.

While it is very healthy to want to accomplish lots each day it can also become a source of anxiety when we heap too much on our own plates. Thoughts of never being able to finish anything on time (overwhelmed) can also arise.

For what it's worth, the results of my recent efforts at cutting back on my list size have been very positive.

I'm now very proudly an "I always get my list done type guy". It's great to finish a list with time to spare.

Empower yourself - try cutting back on the demands you make of yourself - it's like a breath of fresh air! You are only you - not a staff of 50.

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