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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Nothing Box

I was sitting very comfortably in my camping chair. Had a drink sitting in it's holder. Staring into, well, staring into, er, well, nothing really.

I'm sure time was passing. I know I was definitely relaxing - more and more - as I think time was probably passing. Maybe. Perhaps it had stopped.

I gradually became aware of movement. Actually, a lot of movement. A lot of movement that had a lot to do with...........females.

I looked in the direction of all the movement..............and there they were.

Madly cleaning........washing dishes.........tidying up!!!!!!!!!!!

I suggested they should perhaps just sit awhile and chill for a bit - pop a bottle of wine and relax!

Incredulous looks back in my direction - I was quite obviously insane.

Truly, men and women's brains work very differently. I had opened my "Nothing Box" and meanwhile their wiring was buzzing with activity.

Do yourself a favour and have a good laugh about this very subject - YouTube "Men's Brain Women's Brain."

Mark Gungor - you are sooooo right!

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