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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barack Obama

In Australia we sometimes view goings-on in America with a fair bit of amusement. So much hoopla! I can never quite get a grip on what actors, musicians and performers have to do with presidential inaugurations, other than to promote themselves and turn the whole thing into a country fair. Is it just me?

Loved his speech. Whoever wrote that earned their pay. He certainly delivered it brilliantly. Let's hope the results from his efforts in the years ahead can come up to these expectations. Remember - the only thing he has accomplished yet is to get himself elected - the real work starts once the hoopla stops.

I felt very sorry for George Bush. It was extremely bad form for people to boo him. Could they have done any better? I doubt it. After all a President really only acts according to his advice. In the same situations as George Bush faced would any other president elect's advice have been any different. I doubt it.

Same facts, same situations, same advice givers = same result.

If jet planes are flown by hijackers into buildings during Barack Obama's presidency will his decisions be any different than George Bush's. His country under attack. I doubt it.

His biggest problems to overcome?

The same as we have here in Australia. Empty warehouses and factories. Warehouses turned into apartments. Housing estates built where orchards, farms and vegetable farmers used to produce products now being imported.

We went to Melbourne last week to have a look at a new development called "Docklands". It was all very nice. An old dockland area turned into an apartment area for the rich. Full of restaurants, open areas and docking facilities for private yachts.

Once upon a time it was an industrial and warehouse area providing jobs and income. Where is all that now? We have huge housing estates full of "McMansions" where orchards and vegetable gardens once were. People employed, products produced no more, now sadly imported.

A hierarchy of bureaucracy bordering on insanity where one hand just has no idea what the other is doing. Far too many cooks continually spoiling the broth.

For the good of not only America, but the world, let's hope and offer support so that Barack Obama's Presidency is outstanding for all the right and good reasons.

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