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Monday, April 6, 2009

How to stop being bored.

It's very easy to stop being bored. Get busy!

Being bored really means you are just lacking motivation. OK, so how do we kill off lack of motivation so that boredom becomes a thing of the past?

Best way I know is to make a project of getting together a list of goals. The goals have to be significantly important to YOU - no one else. They really have to mean a lot to you personally (emotionally). This way it is easy to start getting really involved - that's right - motivated.

Think of what's lacking in your life. I'm not talking about the motivation here, OK! Think hard.

Is it money?
Is it your health?
Is it love?
Perhaps a holiday?
Maybe a combination of the above?

Grab a pen and a sheet of paper and make a heading. The heading is what you have identified as lacking in your life. Now draw two lines down the sheet of paper so that you end up with three equal columns. In the left column write, in very brief point form, all the reasons you can that make you feel you are lacking the particular thing you have identified as your heading to this page.

Say for example you have identified "Money" as what is lacking in your life. That is your heading at the top of your page. You left side may look like this:

No money in Bank.

Can't afford to go out.

Not much food in the pantry.

My car needs fixing.

Now in the middle column write, again in very brief point form, the opposite of every point in the left column. In our example it should look like this:

Lots of money in the Bank.

I can easily afford to go out.

My pantry is full of food.

I've just had my car fixed.

Notice that these are all "belief statements". They could also be called positive affirmations. They are also a list of goals.

In the right column list how you are going to get yourself from the stated situation in the left column to the goal situation in the middle column. It may look like this:

Find a new better paying job.

Make a budget and stick to it.

Stop spending on cigarettes and buy food instead.

Book car in for service (budget for the estimated cost).

Now get busy working through your new action list.

By picturing in your mind (visualising) the completed goals in the center column you will obtain the motivation to go through with the actions you have listed in the right hand column. The positive results will speak for themselves.

You are now far too busy to be bored.


Anonymous said...

Great post Doug.

Can I draw your attention to:

I think it kind of fits with yours. you have a great way of setting goals, and I am currently investigating ways to stick to them!

If you would guest post for me I would really appreciate it.

Sahail said...

Oh, and I think that the way you can create instant beliefs through this method is a new and unique way of looking at it all...