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Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to avoid a future cataclysm.

Hit the "reset" button in your memory!

I came across a great article in "New Scientist". It's about Parallel Universes and probable selves. Very "Sliding Doors"-ish.

Imagine events in your life where you have made decisions on which way to go. Consider this - because you have thought about the event and considered multiple choices, those multiple choices, or actions, actually do exist - they are parts of the lives of your thought created parallel selves.

It has been said that by using forms of meditation we are able to access these parallel selves in other dimensions, and they, in turn, can access us. This may happen in the dream state as well, although usually not remembered correctly on waking as the mind struggles to interpret the data (turn the experience - data - into something we can understand in our terms). Hence, those strange dreams we struggle to understand!

Always remember - "As within, so without".

What you observe around you is an outpouring or projection from within you. You create your own reality.

OK, enough from me - here's the article:

"How to avoid a future cataclysm: Forget the past"

If this information intrigues you, can I suggest grabbing a copy of "Seth Speaks" and also "The Nature of Personal Reality" by Jane Roberts. They are available from my Amazon Truth Seeker Bookshop or any serious offline Bookshop will have them in stock or will be able to order them in for you pronto.

The first law of learning - keep your mind open.

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