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Monday, March 16, 2009

How to stop believing that the only way rich people got rich is because they got lucky.

Some people are plagued by a belief that rich people only get that way because they are, or got, lucky. Another version is that most rich people inherited their wealth. Or there is this one too: "The only way I'll ever get rich is to win the lottery". This is a good and well used one too: "The boss got rich and owns the company I work for by taking advantage of and ripping off the work force".

These thought trains are all basically the same statements. If you entertain thoughts like the ones above you are making one or both of the following statements:

"Making a profit and/or being rich is evil." and/or

"I am too lazy or ineffective to do what is required to obtain riches, so I will deflect that problem away from myself by trivialising the efforts of others who are not."

Well, actually there is a third. Ever heard these or their many mutations:

"God didn't endow me with what I needed to get there."

"I must have been standing in the wrong queue when the brains were handed out."

All the above self limiting beliefs can be changed. A belief is only a thought repeated with some emotion thrown in for good measure.

But, first of all, let's kill these beliefs with some facts. "Luck" does not exist. By using the word "luck" you are really saying you are in ignorance of all the facts involved in the so-called "luck" event. People win lotteries because (a) they bought a ticket, and, (b) no matter the almost impossible odds, someone must win.

Rich people inherited their wealth. I give you the point that, indeed, people do inherit wealth. But not everybody. And because they inherited it, instead of going through the oftentimes painful method of learning how to earn it, the money is often soon lost. OK, to be fair, one to you, most definitely some people do get rich by inheritance. But, only a very small percentage, and only an even smaller percentage ever hang on to it.

The boss. Let's get this one straight right from now. The boss got and or is getting rich because he took a calculated risk and started/bought a business. He/she has got guts. Try starting to admire these people. Take the time, while you learn to live within your means, to find out how they did it. That's taking positive action so that one day you'll be there too!

You see it is very easy to criticise the efforts of others when you personally lack the wherewithal to do what they are having a good crack at.

Here are some outlook changing statements for you to consider:

Luck does not exist, but effort does.
Rich people employ people.
Rich people create opportunities for others to also get rich.
Rich people, most never publicly acknowledging the fact, endow large sums to very worthy causes.
Rich people, by the act of getting rich, have created methodologies that anyone with the desire can also follow to get rich. Check out your local bookshop.

To finish:

Making a profit and/or being rich is not evil - it is an opportunity to do great things.
Don't be lazy - get up off your backside, switch the TV off, get some information and start making a difference.

If you have the sad idea that you aren't divinely endowed or are a bad queue picker; go to your local library or bookshop, get some auto or biographies of the so called "lucky" people and you will, when you read of their personal trials, very quickly change your opinion.

It is an amazing fact that most rich, and I mean extremely rich people, had very poor, or sometimes no education at all.


You don't have a good education?

Man, how lucky can you get!

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