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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bugatti Veyron

Let's chat about the Bugatti Veyron. What a truly awesome motor vehicle. It is fitted with a 1,ooo hp (736 kw) 8 litre 16 cylinder engine fed by 4 turbochargers. It has 10 radiators, that's right, 10 (ten) radiators! The Bugatti's 1,000 hp propells it to a verified top speed of 407 kph. Wow!

Yes, you got it right, verified! It has been driven at that speed, the most notable driver being James May from Top Gear. When you have finished this article do yourself a very big favour, go to Youtube, Type in "Bugatti Veyron", and watch the video of James hitting 407 kph on the long straight (luckily) of Volkswagons test track. At the end he said that he had tears in his eyes and who can blame him! Just out of interest that is one third of the way to the sound barrier at sea level.

Fuel consumption is very interesting especially considering the current and rising price of petrol. Around town expect about 8 mpg and out on the highway about 11 to 12 mpg. Top speed (you would lose your license for how many lifetimes? - I know what you just thought - but can they catch you?) consumption is rated at about 3.5 mpg - emptying the Bugatti's fuel tank in approximately 12.5 minutes!

OK so you want to know the price. How about just over US$1,400,000. Now that's impressive too. In fact eveything about this car is impressive, big, huge, fast, expensive and powerful.

You know that it is very important for us humans to have things in our life that just totally take our breath away. Wow factors of 10+. These are the things that help us to dream. Without dreaming we are lost. For it is our dreams and goals that forever propell us forward. We have come a long way and their is still far to go.

A silly car? Yes I suppose in everyday terms it is. But, if in the creation of that car, one little boy or girl's imagination and dreams are sparked alive, and they go on to great scientific accomplishments benefitting all mankind - well I guess you get where I'm coming from! For me? - I love it - it's out there - I wanna sit exactly where James May sat, press the starter button and...........

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A quote for you: "I am officially Captain Slow on the program. I can drive quite quickly round the track, I've done it a bit, and I think fast track driving is a little like playing the bagpipes, you know, a gentleman can - but doesn't." - James May

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