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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Take your time - about your day.

I have an excellent rule about making decisions. If I have to decide an important matter or even just a matter of buying something I may have seen in a shop window my rule is ALWAYS - sleep on it!!!

Believe me, that all important deal or "thingo" you just have to have will still be there tomorrow - if it is a genuine thing. Never jump at those time sensitive offers that are SOOOOO tempting. If a deal or a product is worth it's weight it will still be just as good and just as available tomorrow - or the next day, or month.

How sad it can be to part with your hard earned on a whim so quickly regretted. The seller cares not a whit if you can afford it or for that matter if you actually need it at all. Yep, just another sale.

You know, when we go camping in summer (for Aus. coming closer every day!!!) one of the most wonderful aspects of it all is - NO CRAP. No TV, no DVD, no phone, no computer, no shops, no crowds...........fill in the dots. There is usually such a huge chasm between what we have loaded our life up with............and what we actually need. And it all seems to stand in between friends, conversation, relaxation, happiness, love, family and well, just plain old enjoying the day.

Think carefully now. Be honest. When was the last time you sat on your front porch (in a rocking chair?) and just watched the day go by. Or sat on your sofa and read a good book. For the better part of the day. OK - I know, you just had to rush off for something - oh, I understand, the phone rang - of course, it was the TV program you always watch - oh yes, you had to take the children somewhere (over the rainbow? - sorry!).

You know when someone is holding your hand and you are trying to let go? Your fingers are locked together so you shake your hand to disentangle. That's what I'm talking about. Sometimes we just need to disentangle ourselves from the madness that is modern life - and it can be frustrating because we are all entangled in there.

Empower yourself - take time out. Switch off all appliances. Put off all decisions. Don't phone anyone. Pull the phone cord out. Slow down. Hum a tune. Smile. Relax. Lose your car keys. Grab a book. Set a while. Watch the birds fly by. Notice time slow down. Nice. Back in control. You deserve it.

Life will still be there tomorrow - you can get back to it then.

"Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why." - Eddie Cantor

Some reading: "Simplify Your Life" by Elaine St. James

1 comment:

Rod said...

Yeah, I think i need to enjoy life too.