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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

3 important Uses Of Self-Hypnosis

You have an hour or so where you can do anything you want. What would you do? Does watching TV sound good? Maybe you prefer to spend that hour surfing the net, perhaps chatting with friends on Facebook? Well, here’s an even better suggestion: why not try self-hypnosis to make your life a notch or two better.
You see, self-hypnosis is a very natural process that we all experience every day…it’s as natural as breathing and sleeping. Matter of fact, every one of us enters this trance state that results in extreme relaxation and heightened suggestibility many times every day, day in and day out! Whenever you first wake up in the morning and just before you go to sleep, you are in this trance state.
Whenever you are doing something that’s really absorbing, like reading a very interesting book, you are in a hypnotic trance. But here’s the thing, only a handful of people are aware that they can use this trance state to positively change their lives for the better. So, why not you?
Here are 3 things that self-hypnosis can do for you to change your life for the better:
Getting Rid Of Negative Beliefs
How we react to events all depends on our beliefs and the emotions we subconsciously link to them. If you had a terrible first-time public speaking experience in the past, it’s very likely that your fear of speaking in front of strangers is the result.
Are you someone who believes that you are not good enough? Perhaps you think that all men are cheats? Such negative beliefs can seriously damage your quality of life and the quality of your interpersonal relationships. With self-hypnosis, such negative emotions, beliefs, and associations can be easily eliminated.
Installing New And Positive Beliefs!
Just as important as weeding out the negative beliefs is planting new and positive ones. Think about it: what if you had the belief system of someone successful…say like Bill Gates? How do you think you would feel and act towards work? Would it make you more productive and confident in your ability to face challenges and perform your tasks? Would it help you make more money and have fun in the process?
Of course it would! And with self-hypnosis, you can easily implant such beliefs in your subconscious mind thanks to the highly suggestible state that a self-induced hypnotic trance delivers.
Alleviating Pain And Other Medical Uses
Hypnosis was recognized as a valid medical tool by the American Medical Association in September of 1958. Since then, more and more medical and psychological uses of hypnosis, and of course self-hypnosis, have been uncovered.
From relieving pain following medical procedures, performing dental work without the use of anesthesia and reducing nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy, self-hypnosis can produce great results! Self-hypnosis can also be used by soon-to-be non-smokers to get rid of the nicotine addiction that’s been plaguing them for decades.
Without a doubt, self-hypnosis has a lot of uses and benefits that, with just a little imagination, everyone can make use of to improve their lives in so many ways.

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