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Monday, July 10, 2017


This is the reality of your life:

You are born, and then some time later you die. All you are doing is filling in the intervening period as pleasantly as possible. That's it. There is nothing for you to do, and there is nothing and no-one that you have to be. So stop the struggle.

You entered this world with zero material wealth, and you will depart it with nothing of a material nature. So stop worrying about it.

The only wealth that you can take with you is spiritual wealth. Because spiritual wealth is only ever given to you as a gift, and you cannot earn it, there is nothing to struggle for and/or to worry about.

The past is gone never to return. All your desperate grasping will not return one minute of it. All that remains are memories and some photos and, with the passing of time, they will all gradually fade. Let it go.

The future is not yours to live yet. Who knows what it will bring? Good or bad, there is not much you can do about it. It may never happen. All you can do is a little preparation to put your mind at rest, but truly, that's about it. The only thing that is guaranteed is change, and most of that will be completely out of your control. Life is risky. Accept that.

So, where does all that leave you?


This moment.

It is all you truly have. Grab it. Hold it tight. Love it. Feel it. Give thanks for it. Share it. Fill it with love and laughter. Do good things. Slow down.

By living fully in this moment all the rest will take very good care of itself.


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