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Thursday, March 11, 2010


It is eternally true that desire is the cause of all feeling and all action: in other words, of all life. This wholeness of your life consists in receiving or radiating out the vibrations produced by thoughts. This is the Law of Attraction. In the Universe that is your mind these vibrations necessarily become conscious out-reachings in the direction of the felt attraction: that is, your thoughts have become desires.

Desire is therefore the mind seeking to manifest some form which as yet exists only in thoughts. It is the act of creation, whether the thing created be a world or a wooden spoon; both have their origen in the desire to bring something into existence which does not yet exist.

Whatever may be the scale on which we exercise our creative ability, the motive power must always be desire. Desire is the force behind all things. It is the moving principle of the universe and the innermost center of all life.

To attempt to take the negation of desire as our primal principle is to try to stamp out the very stuff of life itself. What we have to do is to acquire the knowledge required by which to guide our desires to their true destination (objects) of vibrational harmony and therefore thus gain satisfaction.

Desire is the life force in which all movement originates, whether on the physical level or the spiritual.

Desire is a creative power that must be closely guarded, trained, and intelligently directed. 

Use it wisely!

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